It’s the weekend!!


Yay! But the weekend finds me with such a wicked cold. It started a couple days ago, and continues to work its magic!

But Day one of banana island went well despite that. I made 8 cups of smoothie for the first part of the days, drinking it from 10-2. It was simply fresh spinach, frozen bananas, fresh bananas and strawberries.

The next meal was later in the day and was banana and blueberry nice cream!! I made a large bowl and ate it slowly.

I had my kefir before bed, my coffee mid afternoon and my golden milk and kefir in the early morning.

That was it for the day. I like the simplicity of this challenge! It takes my mind off of food and moves it elsewhere. I worked in the earlier part of the day and ran errands later on.

Day two is about to get underway. I know I will have a raw salad today because family is coming for a late lunch. I will introduce them to nice cream, however, especially my 2 year old grandson!!


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