The Me I Aspire to Be


I feel like this should be a song title:  Crazy busy day; please make it go away…something like that.  Sometimes work overwhelms.  Most of the time it doesn’t, but every once in awhile…

Today was one of THOSE days.  Well, really it still IS, as I have a few more hours to go before I can be home in my pajamas relaxing with coffee.

The nice thing about Crazy Busy Days is the calorie burn, for sure.  I packed breakfast since I had to be here at 6am.  Lunch was provided at a staff meeting: sub sandwiches.  Cut into small 3″ pieces, as opposed to 6″ or larger when you buy them.  I ate one and a half.  And honestly, mid-afternoon, I feel full enough that coffee might do it for the rest of the day!

My current view is the one part of my job that is cushy for sure:


Supervising a kid’s indoor play area.  It is so fun to watch the little kids have a barrel of fun in here. But right this very moment, it is empty!  Such a rare thing.  It is very nice outside, and I am happy to think that kids are there playing in the sunshine instead of here.

This morning, as it was gaining light outside, the moon, which I think might be full, was gorgeous.  It always appears so large when it is near the horizon, whether it is rising or setting.  Took this pic with my phone.  Does it no justice at all, except it looks so sun-like.  But it is the moon.


Little Lovely arrives home this week.  So excited.  She is in need of a rest from college. A rest from being away from home.  A rest from the constant interaction with people.  She will work hard this summer to bolster a waning bank account for Sophomore year. She is so diligent at things like that.  So I am gonna make every effort to have her diligence in certain areas rub off!! Organization for one.  Stick-to-it-tiveness for another. We will start our Banana Island shortly after she gets back, followed by Rawsome Summer 2018 on May 14.

But my right-now project is very different from those two eating campaigns.  A few years ago I played the Minimalist Game, which was so rewarding.  So simple, too: get rid of items in your house based on the date of the month.  So on the 1st, one item goes.  On the 5th, 5 items go, etc.  On the last day of the month, you gather up 30 or 31 things and take them to the thrift store or the trash can. You eventually shed at least 465 belongings.  At the end of the month that I played, I was counting individual screws and paperclips at the end to get my 30 things!

Well, it needs done again.  Yes, stuff creeps back in like I could not imagine.  And while I do not have 4oo+ things to give away, I do have many more things than I am using.  Part of the deal I made with myself the last time I played was to revisit some things I kept but maybe should not have?

I am reading a fabulous book right now called The Year of Less.  Written by Cait Flanders, it chronicles a year she spent not shopping for anything but consumables.  This fascinates me.  But the precursor to the year was to shed her excess.

I have excess right now.  Things I was hopeful would be used, but never were.  Things I have bought in the last year that I have not used.  Books.  Oh my.  Lots and lots of books.  An entire small shelving unit of cookbooks.  When I need a recipe I look online or look in the one or two cookbooks that are my go-to’s.  I think that whole lot may need to go.

And the voice in my head that is saying, “Maybe a year of committed non-buying would help cure the shopaholic tendencies you lean toward.” I might have to tackle something similar.


Cuz, here is the thing: the me I see when I see the me I want to be looks a certain way, not just on the obvious outside, but inside as well. I don’t think God created us to be weighed down with stuff; to cling tightly to what we own. My one-day dream is a tiny house. You know, like the tiny house movement that is gaining steam!!

Image result for tiny house

Related image

Image result for tiny house

Image result for tiny house

First, I can assure you that fat people do not live in tiny houses.  People with a lot of stuff don’t live in tiny houses. Unless you want a storage unit bigger than your tiny house to pay for each month??  Why??

So if I want to move toward my one-day dream, shedding weight and belongings are my top priorities.

So I have put a persona out there in front of me that I want to aim for.  Not in a literal way, but in a figurative one. I started a Pinterest board for “The Me I Aspire to Be.”  After I populate it, I will post a link to share it with you in case the me you aspire to be is similar!

Motivation is high today.  It tends to be on a day when I toed the proverbial line.  Praying for the same tomorrow.



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