A Weekend Away


I took a little trip this weekend to visit Little Lovely in the tiny little town she calls home during the college part of the year.  It was a totally relaxing few days of doing not much!  I visited the new room that she moved into after Christmas, met some friends, attended church with her, went to some great little restaurants that she frequents, watched a bunch of HGTV (Haha, a total treat for us since we don’t have cable).

Two of the places we went to eat were fabulous; one a totally local farm-to-fork kind of place, Christopher’s, and another an upstart chain for sushi, Fusian.  The area where her college is located is literally surrounded by cornfields, and the downtown is one street.  Tiny.  But you can be in some major “big city” areas in less than 30 minutes.  Funny story: this morning early, I realized I forgot a major clothing item.  A 20 minute Walmart run had me back in business!

I love spending time with Little Lovely.  I cannot really describe how it makes my heart happy.  I am excited for her to be home for the few months of summer break.  Yes, we will both work.  Yes, we will not spend a ton of undivided time together.  But it is sort of like “back to a normal life from days gone by”, and I will take every second I can get.  With each passing college year, I am a little closer to her address being apart from mine permanently!

We talked a bit about Rawsome Summer 2018.  We both seem excited.  I am so ready to just do something totally different. Plus, Little Lovely spurs me on to doing my best.  It is her I want to do my best for.  As I saw that, I wonder if I don’t value her approval more than God’s? In my mind I do not, but now that I am aware of that, I want to keep it on my mind.

I made good food choices on this little trip, but I will say it was not my 100% top priority.  I didn’t seek out the best, and I even had dessert once.  But I do feel like I didn’t overeat like I often do at home? And food wasn’t the priority.

Image result for discerning the voice of god

I have been overwhelmed by Discerning the Voice of God.  In a good way. It has pushed me to think and pray through some things I have chosen to ignore. Priscilla Shirer asks us to evaluate the answers to some hard questions; issues that might be making our hearts and minds totally unable to discern the voice of God.

Will I commit to align our actions and attitudes with the direction of God’s will?

Will I take the necessary precautions to cut out the people and pastimes that influence me toward disobedience?

Will I fortify my resolve by intentionally surrounding myself with influences that encourage me toward godliness?

Will I humble myself to be accountable to (an)other mature believer(s) who have my best interests at heart?

Will I commit to shifting my attitudes and actions THE MOMENT I realize they are out of alignment with God’s will?

What kind of plans do I need to make so these noble desires can become real resolutions?

I am willing.  To do whatever God places in front of me.  I have prayed that He make it obvious.  I spend all my time trying to determine what God is asking of me, especially where food is concerned.  But there are so many truths in scripture that I am not obeying, and that is where it needs to began.  A wholehearted obedience to everything I know God desires of me.

As for the concept of a triple cord kind of group to meet for accountability, this is something I do not see possible?  But, again, I am leaving it up to the Lord, who knows best, and I choose to trust Him in His ways.







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