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So I weighed out of the current Dietbet.  And yes, I ended where I started. Which really means I lost three pounds and gained it back?  Honestly folks, I am just so very frustrated with my inability to toe a line here?

So I spent some time watching YouTube videos on a raw vegan lifestyle, and I came upon Mimi Kirk and Annette Lansing…and others. I didn’t want to aspire to be like some 30 something young girl with little kids.  Little Lovely is totally in love with Ellen Fisher, a raw vegan in her early seasons of life.  I knew I needed a role model older and in my season of life.  I am impressed by Mimi’s book called Rawvitalize, impressed enough that I ordered it! As I continue to get plans in my head for Rawsome Summer 2018, I have to get ducks lined up nicely in order to make it work.

I have been a vegan.  I have been a vegetarian. I have eaten mostly raw. For periods of time.  And I can remember how good I felt eating mostly raw.  When I seriously try to find the common denominator that drew me away from a true raw vegan lifestyle or even from a totally plant-based diet it was always the habit of eating out.  It is not possible to find decent vegan food out in very many places, so there would always be a compromise.  I know that I can go to Chipotle and eat vegan.  I can go to a local place called Sproutz and eat an awesome 100% raw salad.  But, honestly, I just need to eat at home.  That is easy until my daughter, mother of my grandson, invites me to eat out with her family.

Because my place in life is going to have to include eating out, I am going to have to devise a better plan, right?  I think for the summer, I am just gonna have to be honest and say I am eating raw so “Let’s have a meal at my house instead of at Restaurant A” or “let’s meet up AFTER lunch at a park.”

One thing I realize after a lot of thought and prayer is that there are no raw vegan’s out there in the public eye who are outwardly Christian?  There is Hallelujah Acres at  It is run and owned by a pastor and his wife, but as I look through their new website, it seems to be devoid of any mention of their faith views?  There are conversations that occur about high profile raw eaters, like, “She might be a believer” or “He mentioned going to church”, but that isn’t what I am looking for?

God meant for the human bodies He created to be fueled by raw fruits and veggies.  It wasn’t like Adam and Eve were put in the garden with a stove and oven and told cook food.  No, they pulled fruit off of bushes and munched away.  The dug up carrots and munched.  I don’t know what they really ate, but I am confident it was raw.

After the flood, God added meat to the diet because all the raw veggies and fruit had been washed away.  I wonder why He never went back?  But does God tend to go back? Or, once He permits something, does it remain?

So if the body I live in was created to eat raw fruits and veggies, how can I not feel better by doing that?  And I have done it long enough in the past to know I will feel better.  But it is about more than eating.  It is about a lifestyle.  And I want to embrace the things about that lifestyle that honor God.  There is a lot that doesn’t, and those things are what causes believers to turn their back on healthy eating.  It can be very new age and animal loving.  And while I love animals, it is not the reason I want to eat raw vegan.  God gave man dominion over the animals, and while we do a very crappy job with that, we still have His permission to rule over them.  There are some animals He may have given us specifically because they have health benefits to man??

Christians stand firm on how everything was given by God for food, and I totally understand that thought. I understand why they think that, but I don’t agree. For me, there is so much clear evidence that high animal protein, sugar, etc are causing so many health issues for people.  With the evidence out there, why not try something different?? Sugar was not created by God in the first place.  It is a highly processed non-food. We were never intended to eat animal protein at every meal of the day.  So much we do differently; it is just not possible to compare. I feel like we are called to be wise.  We are called to evaluate facts and test the waters.  But so many believers laugh at healthy eating.  Seriously, folks, I work at a church with dozens of solid believers and not one of them can handle the weird ways I eat.

I could handle it if they based their opinion on the fact that I am obese, so obviously nothing I am bouncing back and forth doing is working, right?  But instead they look at someone who OBVIOUSLY needs to lose a LOT of weight and make fun that they believe anything that originated from something with a face should not be eaten if we want better health!!

So the only way I am ever gonna show anyone that this other way is better is by having earthly success.  The only way I can bring Jesus into a raw vegan lifestyle is to do it!! SO I have to make some BIG changes

I have to start exercising, even if in my mind I cannot imagine how. I am starting tomorrow.

I am going to start juicing again every morning.  This may wait until after Little Lovely comes home. I think we are doing a week of detox starting on May 5th, and I will include veggie juices in that detox.

So the loose schedule so far is:

Detox: May 5 through 11

Rawsome Summer: May 13- August 31.

Little Lovely is saying a month is what she will do, but I hope she feels so amazing that she keeps on a bit longer!  I plan to make it a lifestyle after the summer is over.  I want to use a lot of the summer to gain correct information and make it work for my good and God’s glory!

You will notice May 12 is a day in between the two events.  it is Mother’s Day and I am not sure I will have the ability to be super selective.

It is late and I am tired. I have read this over a few times but feel like it was not with the same diligence I usually have, so forgive any errors.










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