Weigh Day



This week’s weigh in showed a shedding of 1.4 pounds. I am pleased,  and feeling such assurance of continued use of Cronometer.  I think that my tendency is to latch onto things people expound, trying each and every one.  I forget that I am not them, but me, and what God asks of me may be very different form that of others.  So while I would love to be able to make work the whole “free sensible eating” and not counting calories, I personally just cannot.  God is teaching me things “I cannot”, and I realize that I might learn them a lot faster (and benefit from the knowledge) if I was better in the obedience department?

Why am I more willing to try things that random people suggest than to do what God commands?  When I put it out there in black and white, I think, ”  Wow, do I really do that?” Yes, I do!!

So I am sticking with Cronometer for now. And that means sticking with foods I can track with the app, which is a double whammy of goodness.  Yes, there are many restaurant entrees on there, and you can add anything that you can find the calorie count for.  But that takes a touch longer, so I use that as a reason to eat at home and eat simple!

Michael Brown, in Breaking the Stronghold of Food, had a catchphrase that he kept in the front of his brain for those times when others were suggesting “he could.”

Others can, but I cannot.”

Others can eat only the food that fills them sensibly and stop.  I cannot.  I am not YET able to discern full soon enough to stop.

Others can eat a bit of everything with no negative consequences.  I cannot.  If I eat sugar in particular I have cravings for days and days and days. If I eat meat, I get migraine headaches, which are non-existent otherwise. Dairy makes my joints hurt.

Haha, and I can truly see how God is directing me to what I need to be eating by allowing these issues to arise!  Some people say that is going too far in determining the desires of God, but I feel like each time my heart realizes certain parameters regarding food, it is God giving me information. I feel that God gives us info in the way it is best received.  I can have a very hard head and even a harder heart, and I am so appreciative when God meets me where I will best understand.


Isn’t this the best refrigerator!!  It makes me smile!  It is a pic from @veganwhat’s Instagram page.  Whenever I want raw encouragement, I just scroll this lovely page, where refrigerator photos abound!!

I think I have almost made the decision to have a RAW SUMMER.  I feel best when I eat raw food.  And the summer is the time of farmer’s markets and fresher produce.  I have had raw summer’s in the past and ended the season feeling so much healthier.  As I have said before, I do better in community, so I am hoping to gather some others to do the raw summer with me?  Little Lovely has expressed interest in a shorter period of time that the whole summer, but I can hope that she will feel so wonderful she will want to continue.

But I need to determine that I have what it takes to do it even if I do it alone, right?  The only way to convince myself that it will be healing is to do it.  So I hope to get to that decisive point very soon.  I have to wait to put the beginning and end times on the Rawsome Summer until I see if Little Lovely wants to join and when she wants to begin.  Her summer starts earlier than I think of summer, as she is home before the middle of May. I tend to thing ‘June-July-August’ but I will be content with anything.

Image result for rawsome summer

Keep ya posted!  And if you might so desire to challenge yourself to a period of raw this summer, let me know and we will do it together!





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