The title of this post is not a random mistype.  It is the way I see my weight loss chart.  It is a constant up and down and up and down, with no straightening up in sight??  I will have a good week and it will show on the scale, but the following week will be a regaining of the previous weeks lost weight. I cannot tell you how often this has happened since the beginning of the year when I set out on the Reclaim the Temple Project. But one thing I have noticed time and time again: God seems to be intent on me not giving up.

I admit, I am a quitter in the weight loss arena.  That is why I have been obese for decades. And as I lettered the quote above, I realized how true it is.  Losing weight has been the hardest thing I have ever tried to do, and because I have tried and failed so many times, I now have arrived at the HARDER stage.  My body is older and so tired of being fat. And what was HARD is not HARDER.  My soul wants to call it impossible, yet I know it isn’t.

But here is my message to those young, young ladies who have already gotten themselves into a place of heaviness. STOP. Do not let fat keep hanging around on your body.  Every year you add to your life, makes it incrementally harder to get back to your right weight.

The problem: it is impossible to truly take that advice to heart unless you have been there.  There is no way to convey that pain with words.  It is nonstop and hard to ignore.  As you age, the once flexible parts of your frame do not flex anymore.  That adds to the pain.

So lately, I have taken such an intense notice of those younger women who are so obese already;

there is a beautiful college girl who comes to church; I hadn’t seen her for quite awhile…she has gained so much additional weight.

there is a young mom who never lost that baby weight and keeps gaining.

there is a preteen who has already tried to eat less and lose weight.

Overweight young people are everywhere.  How can they get the help they do not even know they need? I truly want to be a person who has an answer.

But first I have to succeed on my own. Oh, how I wish that was motivation enough. But motivation has to be personal, and I search for that ‘something’ that will settle into that place in my deepest soul that needs to be convinced. Settles and transforms.  Settles and blossoms into change…

One tool of weight loss that I have not properly grasped is the whole basal metabolic rate formula and how to use it properly. So I have made it my goal to figure it out. And I did.  Here is how most people use it:

Basal Metabolic Rate chart

They go to a great tool like the link above, enter in their height and weight and age and gender. They choose an activity level that best suits them, and hit calculate.  The calculator tells them how many calories to eat to maintain the current weight entered into the chart.  Me:  I can eat 2800 calories a day to maintain.

Now, they go back and enter the weight they desire to be and get some incredibly low number of calories which will leave them hungry all the time.  For me, if I enter in the weight I want to be one day, I am told to eat 1000 calories less each day.  For someone my size, that will never be enough.  I will set myself up for failure by eating way too little and turning on every craving known to man.

The proper way to use the calculator is this:

Schedule incremental weight losses.  Enter into the calculator under ‘weight’ a weight you are going to achieve.  For example, I would set in front of me as the plateau to reach next the DietBet weight that I need to get to, which is a loss of 4%. For me, this round, it is 276.  I enter in a lower number but not so low that it is unattainable. So I entered 200 and got 2267.  I entered 250 and got 2600.  So my goal is to eat 2200-2300 each day but NEVER more than 2600.

The only way to really pay attention to this the way I need to is to keep a food log.  I have tried on paper.  I have tried on Cronometer. I need to stop trying and succeed!!  So I reloaded Chronometer on my phone and am going to work with a goal before me of completing it every day with everything I eat AND staying below 2300 calories.




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