The End


The cleanse ended.  But it didn’t. I finished the five days and loved every one of them.  But there is more of everything left so I continue to make meal replacements and drink the Ningxia and take the Digest & Cleanse.  In a way it was a nicer way to ease back into food than just an abrupt departure from one thing to the next.  Because it works for me to have the regimented choices (or non-choices) of meal replacement shakes, I have gotten Garden of Life’s vanilla powder to start using as soon as the Young Living powder is gone.

I am honestly enjoying the Ningxia.  It is so delicious.  I feel like it was my favorite part of each meal during the cleanse.

Now, I have to properly evaluate the cleanse on the basis of what it might have done for my body. I have to say that it kept me full and was very tasty, but for long term cleansing?  Not sure I see any?  I know 5 days is short, but for the price, I expected something that I could put my finger squarely on and say, “THIS”. But nothing.  Sad to say I would not do it again.


The ‘fast’ part of the 5 days was fabulous.  I feel like I was able to connect with the Lord regarding the issues my daughter has been having, and she said Wednesday that she had five good days. So we move forward.

Little Lovely gets home this evening for Easter break from college, and she is ready for a break, and I am ready for her to be home.  Once she returns, it is just a month until finals and then home for the summer!!  YAY.  I am going to make a trip to her in later April to visit, relax and bring some of her stuff back for summer break.  I am excited. I have been saving my pennies.

As I head into the holiest part of this Easter week, I am finding myself entering into an attitude of quiet pondering.  Every year I am astonished by the thoughts that God brings to mind about all that took place that week 2000+ years ago.  People’s actions, sure.  But people’s thoughts and motives and sneakiness and sorrow.

This year I have spent time trying to pick apart all things Peter.  Why he did the things he did.  How bad he felt after denying even knowing Jesus at all. And I noticed something new.

Jesus died, and Peter was left in his guilt and sorrow for having said he didn’t know the Lord.  Days before that, in real time, TODAY, Peter had boldly said along with all the disciples: IF I HAVE TO DIE WITH YOU I WILL NEVER DENY YOU.  So when the way ahead of him was comfortable and easy, Peter saw himself sticking to Jesus like glue.  But there is an odd statement made by Jesus at this time:  “Peter, Satan has asked to sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail.”

That night, THIS NIGHT, Peter’s need for sleep overwhelmed him; he kept falling asleep while he waited for Jesus to pray. When Judas arrived with the officials who would arrest Jesus, Peter, in his sleepy stupor, cut off the ear of a guard?  Where did this passion to protect His Lord go a few hours later??

Peter RAN to the tomb Sunday morning when he was told Jesus was not there.  The women who went to anoint his body came back with the news that he was ALIVE!! And the message they had been given to pass along, “Go, tell his disciples AND PETER” that He would meet them in Galilee.

Peter was a disciple, so why didn’t Jesus just say, “Go tell the disciples?”  He called Peter by name, I believe, for a reason.  A restoration reason.

Jesus had prayed over Peter’s inner man and denied Satan access. He had protected him from falling away before anything even occurred. And He does that for us.

Then, he met with Peter for an intimate exchange that I wonder if anyone else even heard.

Simon, do you love me more than these?

Yes, I do love you more.

Feed my sheep.

Three times this was repeated, maybe because three times Peter denied knowing Jesus. So one time erased one time.  Until there were three.  But what is REALLY interesting is that Christ’s word for love is agape, a deep unconditional love.  Peter’s answer was always the word phileo for love, a brotherly kind of love.  Could it be that Peter still didn’t quite get it? But one thing he did know:  he had been forgiven of the denials.  I think this left Peter open now to be infused with the Spirit in such a way as to transform him into the rock the church would be built on, just as Christ had said.

Happy Resurrection Day.



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