Cleanse Days and a Weigh In


Two good cleanse days.

Two good fast days with the Lord.

weigh in

And my Sunday weigh in showed a lot of 3.8#.  Yay me!!


I am pleased that the amount of what I am told to eat is enough.  I have not been hungry at all except for the times when I needed to have gotten home from work earlier for a meal!  But even then, it’s OK.  Once again I will say: community works well for me, and rigidity works well for me!  Weird, right?

I have been so blessed as I continue to pray over my daughter and her current issues with pain.  Praying not for relief necessarily but for wisdom to see the WHY.  Without the why we haven’t dug up the root, right?

A comment to be made on the Ningxia.  It is the best stuff!  It tastes amazing.  Wolfberry is an ingredient that supposedly has lots of health benefits.  Lots of other fruit extracts.  It is actually the first time I have taken a supplement where within just a few minutes after taking it, I feel a burst of something good! But in all honesty, at $50 a bottle (25 oz; 6 day supply) there is no way it can be part of my daily regiment of good stuff.  I wish it could…


I am trying to remain in a posture of anticipation for this Holy Week that is upon us.  If we walk through Easter in the here and now, it seems too easy.  We KNOW.

We know that he did not remain in that grave.

We know the massive way His death worked for us.

We know what was such a mystery to the friends walking the earth with Jesus.  They believed the man who had come to rule as an earthly king was dead and gone.  They thought it was over.

Reminds me of the Hillsong Worship song called “Behold”:

It wasn’t over, for HE IS THE RISEN ONE!!

We know all that in hindsight, but they did not.  What if we lived this week as if we didn’t know?  What if we went into the temple today with Jesus as he overturned the tables of the money changers. Then, the next day he entered into that temple and taught the people so many things that were to happen “one day”.  How confusing the words must have been?   He predicted the destruction of the temple, which would happen in 70 AD.  He talked of future signs in the sun, moon and stars.  He encouraged watchfulness.

And that night…tomorrow night on our current calendar…the scribes met with the chief priests to “look for a way to put Him to death.” BECAUSE THEY WERE AFRAID OF THE PEOPLE.

The next day, Jesus’ feet are anointed with oil.  Satan entered Judas (Luke 22:3), and he agrees to identify Jesus with a kiss so he can be arrested.

Thursday, Passover supper in the upper room of a house in Jerusalem.  Time crying out to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane. Peter’s denial. Everyone runs away.




Friday, death. Buried. Silence. More silence.  What would I have been doing if I had lived then? Silence continues through Saturday.

BUT. SUNDAY. The glory of that day must have been incomprehensible. You arrive at the tomb to anoint the body.  BUT IT IS GONE.  This just doesn’t happen.

So can I live my week that way?  Can I mourn with real tears?  Can I summon up the sorrow that would have been thick back then. No, because I KNOW.

In all honesty it is hard to contain the joy that is bubbling up from within at the celebration coming on Sunday!! But I will try to remember. The sadness. The pain. The tears. The confusion. The fear. The silence.

But the remembrance will only serve to lead my thoughts to what’s coming!!

Be sorrowful at a Good Friday service somewhere.  Enjoy a Resurrection Day service somewhere.






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