Day One


The day is now short.  I have been up more than 12 hours and still have one more “meal” to fit in.  I was at work longer than I had anticipated, so I did not eat lunch until close to 3pm.  Sure was glad I packed a snack.  Off the snack list I chose one cup of yogurt to take with me.

Image result for so delicious coconut milk yogurt

After work I remembered to take the Digest and Cleanse softgel so that by the time I got home I could eat.

The meal replacement is actually very tasty.  I am mixing it with vanilla unsweetened almond milk.  It turns out thick and creamy after spinning in the vitamix for some time.

But the Ningxia Red is my fav.  In fact, I have been wondering if I can add it to the meal replacement drink?  Part of me wonders if it might curdle the almond milk?  So for now I sip them separately.

Image result for young living wolfberry drink

I found this online and am so impressed by all the nutrients it contains. And I am taking 3 oz with each meal!

I measured out my 2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds for a snack in the afternoon.  I was very hungry, but now I am not hungry enough to have dinner?  That is the story of my life, folks.  I need to learn to WAIT, to allow myself to digest foods before eating more.

I truly like the feeling of not being full.  It is a much nicer feeling that stuffed.

Do I think the cleanse kit is filling?  I do.

Do I think it is tasty?  I do.

I have been diligently considering this a fasting day to the Lord as well.  I prayed over two specific areas in the life of my daughter, as this fast is for her to have spiritual discernment and improved health.  Today’s prayer topics were relationships and priorities.  The prayer guide I am using is compiled by Rick Warren for Saddleback Church.  I believe he goes through the sheet yearly during a fasting time, and encourages his churches to do the same.  It is very powerful, and for me, personally, I have been praying slowly through the questions for myself.  Like, super slowly, because I want an answer to the prayer before I go on.  So it starts with relationships.  And the first question to talk over with the Lord:  Am I holding any grudges against anyone?  Followed by:  Have I been secretly unforgiving?  And it just gets harsher as it goes on.  But I believe God is faithful to reveal this stuff to me if I ask in earnest.

Found a verse in scripture that I do not think I had encountered before.  That is a poor testimony to the diligence with which I used to read the Old Testament. Trying to change that.  Anyway the verse is in Deuteronomy 23:23 and it simply says, “Be careful to do whatever comes from your lips.”  Be a man or woman of your word. Love that.  The more point blank it is the better!

So I am looking at the next 24 hours of staying home, inside, fasting and praying.  Super excited about that.

Watching a color-filled sky out my window disappear rapidly with the setting sun.  Sunsets are so fast, as are moon-rises.

Hard things are slow, lasting longer than makes sense.  Good things are quicker.

Bad things are more talked about.  Good things are quieter.  That, too, seems in reverse.

Like the France terror attack today.

Like the school shootings.

Like the domestic violence issue locally that had a hospital surrounded by armed police so that the out-of-control husband could not get it to finish the job of killing his wife.

One day, a Maryland police officer ended what could have been a school shooting.  He was a hero.  Talk was short.  And people kept trying to say he really didn’t do much??  So maybe we not only shorten the good talk but we look for ways to downplay it and make it seem almost bad? Why does society do that?  Why do we as a people seem to feel more comfortable discussing the bad over the good. Is it a pride issue that we have a hard time praising someone for a job well done?

Love God.  Love others.  Don’t tangle that up beyond the simplicity it exists in.


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