Beauty from Ashes


I was mad about something yesterday.  Not totally mad at another person, but half way mad.  Half at them and half at myself.  It was a combo of not seeking out enough information ahead of time and not being given enough at the same time.

I made the decision to do a Young Living cleanse with a group of ladies.  Cleanse the body.  Spend time with the Lord in a spiritual renewal. The group is starting April 3.  Order early because shipping can be a bit slow. As I have said before, I do so much better in community.

Yesterday I finally was informed that my registration was not accepted because it was only for ladies who were new to Young Living and were purchasing the kit through the person who was leading it.

Honestly, even after I rewatched the video and reread the numerous emails, I still would not have gotten that. Just wasn’t in plain enough language. I truly do not believe anyone was trying to be deceitful, but I think the promotion was being done by someone without a great enough knowledge of the whole process.

So I spent a day mad.  Today, as God would have it, the box with the Cleanse Kit arrived and I got mad all over again. But in my mad state, as I was vacuuming the house (it really needed done; I was not vacuuming to release anger…hahaha) I felt so impressed upon to move forward with the cleanse, but in a different way.


I am declaring a fast for the next five days to pray through the health issues that are continuing to plague my sweet daughter. I will also be praying through the Heart Cleansing for Personal Renewal sheet that Rick Warren puts out from Saddleback Church.  The sheet has 11 areas for renewal through prayer, so I will do two or three a day.  I will be praying them over myself and Little Lovely.

my relationship to others

my priorities

my attitude

my integrity

my mind

my money and possessions

my body

my faith walk

my church

my family

my mission

Each area has specific questions to ask yourself; areas of confession.  Because it is mostly about God revealing Himself to me in a way that I can comprehend.  So all the trash needs cleared away, right?

But the powerful part will be praying these areas over my daughter.  She has such a strong faith, but she needs to see God working in her life, so she knows how to move forward with this health crisis she feels like she is enmeshed in.

As soon as my excitement over this settled a touch, Satan was quick to remind me that I have a lunch Sunday after church.  And man, I almost decided to put the start off until Monday. But, NO.  I will attend the lunch and sip my water.  And delight in telling others there what I am doing and why!


So here is how it works:  three times a day, instead of a normal meal, you take a Digest and Cleanse tablet with at least  8oz of water 30-60 minutes ahead of time.  Then I will mix a smoothie with the meal powder and almond milk . Followed by 3oz of Ningxia.

How DO you pronounce that anyway???? It is a jam packed juice extract. With a funny name.

That regiment three times a day.  Mid morning snack, mid afternoon snack, evening snack.  Wow.  I have no idea what the slique tea is, but everything else sounds great!!


So I begin in the morning.  And I will say I am super excited.  In an effort to evaluate the cleanse, I think I will add posts about it. I am gonna commit to staying home except for work and the one lunch I have on the calendar.  Because I want the nature of the cleanse to be that of a fast, home is where I can do that best.


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  1. mareedee2016 says:

    Don’t you just love it when we can turn something we are angry about into something wonderful? Thank you for sharing. You are inspiring me to look into the sheet from Saddleback and consider a cleanse. I have never done one. Thank you for sharing with us on the Grace and Truth Link-Up.


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