Sickness my way

Sickness has its good side as well as the obvious bad one.  This is my second day of not working, and while I am fretting horribly over what isn’t getting done THERE, I am accomplishing a lot HERE.

It is a dreary day, and snow falls randomly for bits of time and then stops, only to restart.  The wind is wild and the flakes are often parallel to the ground.  Cold temps make me glad to be inside, but a recent relocation of my desk to the space under my bedroom window makes me smile when I look up and see that snow.

I wanted to talk a bit about sickness and a natural, holistic lifestyle.  I choose to take no pharmaceuticals so sickness just has to run its course.  I find that while it may take a slight bit longer, when it is gone, it is truly gone.  Fevers that are allowed to burn, do the God intended job of killing germs.  And dead germs remain that way.  A coworker who seems to have gotten sick at the same time that I did is back at work, full of Nyquil and Ibuprofen and various other things I didn’t recognize. The bad thing is he is still contagious.  His symptoms are most likely still there, but masked by the medications. I choose to take nothing, diffuse oils and rest.  Not sleep; rest.  One of the most important aspects of recovery is staying away from any new germs; thus I stay home.

strongholds book

In my quiet hours yesterday I finished Breaking the Strongholds of Food. I made my book chart of highlighted things I wanted to remind myself of. Being creative makes me happy. I read a quote yesterday by a man named Ira Glass. He is evidently a famed radio show host. He made a comment about creative people: “In the beginning there is a gap between what you want it to be and what you have the ability to do. You know what you want it to be and you have good taste, but you simply cannot achieve it yet. Your work is disappointing to you. And that is where most people give up. But this is normal to all creatives. You have to push through it. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap and your work will be as good as your ambitions.”

This quote came to me out of Krystal Whitten’s book, Faith and Lettering, which is fabulous. It is my current means of daily practice and encouragement.

As I have thought through that, I have caught a glimpse of a person I want to be.  And that person is one who letters well and spends significant time doing it, both now and later.  Now, in the “much practice in needed” stage; and later in the “perfected my craft” stage, where it is just enjoyment.

So now, I am digging into The Broken Way to get it finished.  I just received Ann’s new book, The Way of Abundance, and I am literally ITCHING to get to it!!  But I am making myself finish the started one first!  I am opening the covers of  a handful of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books:  The End of Dieting, Eat to Live.  I also found the Eat to Live Cookbook at the library. Something tells me these will eventually be books I want to own so that I can mark them up!! But for now, library copies will have to suffice!

I drew the proverbial line in the sand last night before bed.  Wish I could say I do not do this periodically, but I do, but something inside feels different this time.  I read in Breaking the Stronghold of Food last night a challenge; almost a dare.  But a dare that will only bring glory to the Lord.  Dare is my word, not the authors, I guess.  He repeatedly said that those who do not know Jesus somehow can muster up the willpower and accomplish huge weight loss feats. And we who know Jesus have the entire armor of God and the Holy Spirit’s power at our disposal and SO MUCH MORE. Yet we are failing so often while other people who cannot claim those HUGE HELPERS are victorious.


That  truly gave me inspiration.  Maybe that wouldn’t be the case for you, but for me, I felt like I needed to grab my sword and rush to God’s defense!!  Know, I know that isn’t true, but that was the picture that I fell asleep with last night.


Breakfast was a bowl of red grapes.  Lunch was the most delightful smoothie bowl:

2c banana milk

2 frozen smaller bananas

1c frozen mixed berries

2T powdered peanut butter

Whirl until smooth, but you will need to have a tamper cuz it is pretty thick.  Pour into a large bowl and top with seeds and coconut!

Be prepared to be cold, full and totally satiated!

Hoping that good food brings health tomorrow so I can work!!


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