Immersed in the Pentateuch


Because nothing in the life of a believer is random, God has purposed that I learn the Old Testament Pentateuch really well. He has me coming at it in a handful of ways:

-finishing up a study by Beth Moore called A Woman’s Heart, God’s Home

-going through a study by Nancy Guthrie called The Lamb of God

-committing to reading through God’s word on my own starting in January 2018

-a She Reads Truth study called See the Lord’s Salvation, a Lenten Study of Exodus

There have been weeks where the material for different studies has been in exactly the same spot of Scripture. Reading and rereading about the Law, the tabernacle, the priesthood, etc. has made it so that I know it well.  And yet each read through never fails to produce new wonders, as if I had never heard it before.

I have made efforts to read in various translations, opening on my desk in front of me my NIV study Bible, an ESV version, my She Reads Truth Holman’s version, and usually the Message on my You Version app. Despite all this effort, there are still things I walk away wondering.

Recently I determined to not conclude the last study through constructing and erecting the Tabernacle without answering some questions.  And God was so faithful to bring answers!  I now think I could build it in my backyard…with a lot of help, a lot of money and a lot of materials I don’t have. If my art skills were better, I could draw it out on paper, but, limited as they are, it looks juvenile at best.  But that is OK.

Grasping the whole purpose of the sacrificial system, the Aaronic priesthood, the holiness of God is so very hard.  And confusing.  Since God never changes, we know that salvation in the Old Testament came the same way that it does now: salvation in the blood of Jesus alone.  The Israelites of long ago looked FORWARD to Christ’s atonement while we look BACKWARD. I do think their way was harder.  They had to trust in not only the event but in the HOPE that it would actually occur.  We have only to look back to the reality and believe.

There are so many laws in Leviticus that deal with health.  Some are dietary laws; some are laws on interacting with others if you might be sick.  Coupled with the ceremonially clean and unclean laws, I wonder if the Israelites experienced a lot of sickness.  I cannot help but think if the people followed the laws, they would have avoided lots of illnesses. I look forward to heaven where all the pain and sickness and sin will no longer exist.  Every morning when I try to loosen up my left shoulder area, which has tightened up overnight, I pray, Maranatha. Every evening as I put my aching self into bed, I pray, Maranatha!  This world is not my home, and there is less and less here each passing year that appeals to me!!

Little Lovely has gone back to college.  Every test she had done came back fine.  So, since there is nothing physically wrong that won’t go away on its own, we are hitting the all natural supplements hard. Hahaha.  We added to the Intestinew a product by Barlean’s called Intestinal Repair.  Image result for barleans intestine repairMorning, one; evening, the other.  Clean eating, too.  Little Lovely is going to go to a local friends house on Sundays with groceries and cook up some stuff for the week that we know has clean contents.  Once the current inflammation is gone, she can be a little less careful.  But by then, summer break will be upon us, and here at home we can be sure of everything.

Now that I am once again only needing to pay daily attention to me, I am back to eating at home, as raw as makes sense, watching non-raw calories and thinking weight loss 24/7.

I truly wish I had some local buddies to work through this with.  I know local people who are working on weight loss, but no one extreme.  And everyone seems to have a program and friends already.  So many are on the Keto bandwagon??  Just cannot get that.  All that fat??  What I read says it can bring weight loss for a short period, but not long.  Me?  I have to find a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

For me the lifestyle must be obedience.  And I honestly think I am getting better at that. Through the immersion in the Old Testament laws and practices.  People were told to do things simply because God was holy.  And for the most part, they did them.  I choose to believe there was a faithful remnant that obeyed to the best of their abilities even when the vast majority strayed away. Isn’t that how it is today? Even in our solid churches, there is only a small remnant that seeks after God whole heartedly.  We live among a people that have gone astray, even in church.  Sad.  And we are told to be holy because God is holy.  But He gave us the best example to follow!!

Today I was reading in Leviticus about the 5 different sacrifices that were set in stone and continuous. The sin offering had separate requirements for intentional and unintentional sin.  But under the intentional sin category, it has an outline for those who “sin and do what is forbidden…even though he does not know it.” (Leviticus 5:17)  I have been thinking about that for a few hours now.

To me, if you don’t know something is wrong and do that something, it shouldn’t be sin?  Or the other way around: if you know something is wrong but you don’t know you are doing it.  This is a little harder to grasp.  Me?  I know when I am doing the wrong thing.

But some of those laws to follow were weird and out there.  What if there was a weird law that said, say, “Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth.” And you went to bed without brushing your teeth because you didn’t know that law even existed!!

So this tells me that no one was allowed to use the excuse that they were not aware of a law’s existence! They had to know God’s laws inside and out. I believe he asks that of us today as well.  KNOW HIS WORD.

So that intentional sin that you don’t know you are doing…it is sin.  You are responsible for the knowing.

Confession is such an important part of life.  Do not leave sins unforgiven.  And in case you sinned in some way that you don’t even know about, confess generally and ask God to bring those to mind.  He will lead you in his word to where you need to read.

Anyone who knows the good he ought to do but doesn’t do it sins.   James 4:17

I stumble over this one ALL THE TIME.

Whoever keep the whole law and yet stumbles over just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.      James 2:10

So I can keep 9/10 of the laws and guilty is stamped across my paperwork.

Whole hearted devotion.  That is what it takes. And you still won’t get it right.  Praise God for Jesus, or I would be in that sacrificial line nonstop trying to atone for my sins.

Gluttony was a sin from the beginning.  And in the book of Proverbs it says to “Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.” BIG DEAL.  So every single time I overeat and want food simply because it looks good and is pleasing to the eye (Eve), I am sinning.  Knowing God’s word is the only way to be aware of this.

God is showing me and reminding me all the time that the only reason to eat is hunger, and you stop when full.  PERIOD.  Anything else is sinful.  I really don’t know hunger very well, nor full.  I know “Too full” really well, however. I tried to argue with God about that and he caused me to remember an old teacher I once had that said, “If you cannot find full before it is too late, have the habit of eating half of what you normally do.  Wrap up the other half for later, when hunger rolls around.”  She had an easy way to pinpoint hunger also. “Do not eat anything until it shows up; you will recognize it if you are not eating.”  It took a lot of us DAYS to determine hunger in that class.

I am going back to that practice.  Waiting for hunger and stopping with half of what I normally eat.

I recently bought a devotional that was authored by a friend of a friend.  It is called His Temple: how to honor your body.  I am printing it today, as it is an e-book.  I plan to start it Monday.

You know about me and reading.  Multiple books at one time.  Sigh.  Still reading

Breaking the Stronghold of Food...still excellent and recommended

The Broken Way…equally excellent

Faith and Lettering (plus Journal)….super fun and educational

But I am starting The Scars that have Shaped Me, for the inability to resist…I have heard it is life changing.  I will keep you posted.



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