It’s All About the Savior


I have this idea to practice my lettering and blog at the same time.  So here is round one.  I love lettering but I really need to improve.  I love blogging, but again, improvement needed.  So is it sensible to combine two things that need work?  Hmmm, maybe not??  But for now, I am gonna go for it.  Because, after all, who cares, right!!

Trying to start this out with some levity because my sort-of-crash-and-burn has turned into a ROYAL disaster. So a discussion around the subject of addiction is needed. Unless you are an addict, or care for an addict, or try to encourage an addict, the fact is you probably do not really know what it means.

An addict is incapable of right choices at times, and they do not know why.

An addict can be so in love with Jesus, but still choose their addiction of choice over Him, and not know why.

An addict is totally unpredictable, for no good reason.

An addict is driven to his or her addiction by your negative words about how they are failing.

I could go on, but I won’t.

But a new one I just learned this week:  An addict resorts to comfortable old behavior when threatened by pain that won’t go away.  I never really knew this about myself until this week.

A pain in the neck….that is what I had.  For no understandable reason.  Woke up with it.  I cannot imagine I would not know it if I slept funny on it all night??  So I don’t buy that theory that people keep espousing. But, alas, I have no plausible explanation.  No matter what brought it about, it has lingered all week.  And while I do think it is slowly getting better, it isn’t going away fast enough to make me say, “Hooray!”

So all week long I have soothed the neck pain with FOOD.  I cannot even tell you how horrible the week has been.  And then God knew I needed an even more impactful lesson, and he allowed a flu bug to descend on this house as well.  I am grateful that it was very mild.  I am grateful that my neck is super close to being better, and I am sleeping once again.  I am grateful that I have had the kind of week that included hard, yet different, work that kept my mind preoccupied for a good deal of the time.

And I am grateful that God has it all in His plan.  He knew this week was coming.  He knew I would choose food over Him.  He knew I would fall prey to Satan’s twists and turns. Above all, He knew that he had prepared my mind sufficiently through His word to persevere to the end and not give up.

Let me tell y’all:  in the past, this would have been the end.  I would have thrown in the towel and decided that being fat was my lot in life.  But, not this time.  Again, 2018 is MY YEAR, and even if I start over 365 times, I am gonna live this year, and maybe the next few years becoming the person that God wants me to be.  Which I believe is healthy and thinner at the very least.

I had a sincere conversation today with someone who needed a reminder that God’s glory is what life is all about.  That begins and ends with giving thanks in all things (I Thessalonians 5:18).  Imagine how our lives would be transformed if we could give thanks FOR EVERYTHING: the addictions, the pain, the diagnoses, the happy things, the blessings, the deaths, the sorrows.  EVERYTHING.  So hard to even think about, right?

I have started trying oh-so-very-hard to remember in absolutely every situation I enter into, to find one part of it to be thankful for.  It is a challenge at times.  But such a game changer if accomplished!

So go out there and give thanks.  Go around looking for ways to bring glory to the One who created you to bring Him glory!


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