What a Week


It has been a crash and burn week that was overloaded with STUFF.  Bad STUFF.  Woke up Sunday with a terrible neck ache.  Had I slept on it wrong?  No idea, but as the day wore on, it became stiffer and sorer; not much sleep Sunday night because I couldn’t find a comfortable way to lay.  Kept holding heat on it.  Monday was a blur as I worked but it was a bit mindless due to this neck thing??

It got some better; I would wake up with it feeling better, but when it had to support the weight of my head it just sort of cried out in rebellion!!  Haha.  Here it is Thursday, and it really isn’t “better” yet??  Part of it is that I should have taken time off work and rested, but I didn’t have that luxury this week. We were two people short, and it seems as if one was at work long enough in the beginning of the week to unknowingly pass along some germs.

Because now I am struggling with some intestinal issue and I have not decided whether to allow it to overcome me or not!  It is an hourly struggle here at the end of the day.

I did watch a wonderful webinar this evening sponsored by Forks Over Knives all about cheese.  The speaker was Dr Neal Barnard, a member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).  A great organization!  Forks Over Knives (FOK) and PCRM both have amazing meal plans that make a plant-based lifestyle so easy.  PCRM has the 21 Day Kickstart, designed for the person switching over to vegan from anything else.  So you could start there, and then switch over to the FOK planner after your initial 21 days.  PCRM is free, but just 21 days; FOK has an intro week that is free, but the enrollment into the plan and all its perks has a very small price tag, $5 a week or less, depending on how you pay.

I do the FOK program and could not be any more pleased with it. Sometimes I get a stockpile of meals I haven’t made yet, and I put the program on hold while I catch up.

I learned so much from the webinar about the benefits of being a vegan.  Stuff I have heard before and know, but I needed to be reminded of.  Particularly the addictive nature of cheese.  And how gross the cheese making process actually is.

Cheese is the one thing that snags me most quickly.  Followed by a close second of sugar. And I finally have that eliminated and locked in its cage.

Due to the destructive nature of the week, I chose not to weigh in.  I have actually been super consumed with the whole neck thing to the point of giving it constant thought in order to keep it from overwhelming me? Do you ever have anything that does that?  Anything that requires extreme concentration to keep it in line?

Maybe that is the life of an addict?  In order to make addictions behave they have to be concentrated on.  It doesn’t work for an addict to just ignore his addiction.  It will then grow a life of its own and eat you alive.  Trust me.  I know!!

The big picture says that it has been a crash and burn week for any semblance of toeing the eating line. And it is my habit to simply quit and go back to my gluttonous ways. But I cannot do that this time.  Life changed when 2018 began and I have to stay changed.

Yesterday I had to list the reasons why I wanted to lose weight.  So many.  But only one that really matters.  OBEDIENCE.  Period.  It has to be about doing what God asks.

Follow this thinking for a minute.  When God instructed the Israelites to built the transportable tabernacle that would move around the desert with them, he descended on it with His glory.  he took up residence there as a way to live among the people. When their nomadic life ended and the Israelites conquered and moved into the Promised Land, Solomon was given the task of building a permanent temple in Jerusalem for the people to worship in.  It had some resemblance to the tabernacle, but it had its differences as well.  But God was pleased and once again, His glory took up residence there.

At the height of Israel’s disobedience, Ezekiel tells us God’s glory left the temple.  Ezekiel also prophesied the return of God’s glory when the Millennial Kingdom is established on earth in the future.

Solomon’s temple was destroyed and Herod built the next temple.  God’s glory never came there to live, as it had in the tabernacle or Solomon’s temple, but when Jesus entered that temple as a baby to be dedicated, he held the glory of God within himself; the glory was there if Christ was there, but not apart from him.

God’s glory now resides in human temples, anyone who is a believer.  So I have this awesome responsibility for housing the glory of God in me.  I think back at how concerned David and Solomon both were that the temple would be magnificent and glorious and worthy of Him.  I need to be the same way about my body.

As I watched the webinar about cheese, I was reminded so point-blank that out bodies are herbivorous….teeth, intestinal tract, stomach. We need to eat like we were made to eat. It glorifies God when we eat as he designed us to eat.

So my waffling self needs to dig in and do better.  Journaling through this process has been so helpful to my mind and soul.  So glad to be able to get these ramblings down and if…no, WHEN…I accomplish my goal, I want to have figured out how to explain the process to others for their benefit as well!  So,while I have a long way to go, I am content taking one step forward each day and working super hard to prevent  the backward slide.  Ugh, I feel like I am known for that, and it has to change, right??



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