Ten: An Experimental Mutiny Against Overeating

Some years ago I read a book by Jen Hatmaker called 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.  In the book, Jen chose 7 areas to limit to 7 choices in an experiment that lasted for 7 months.  She tackled:








Some of her monthly experiments were memorable to me; some were not.  I cannot, for the life of me, remember what she did for some of the months under some of the categories. But the months that made an impact, I remember well.

For the month she labeled Food, the Hatmaker family picked 7 foods and ate only those for the month.  In the month of Clothing, 7 wardrobe items.  I remember her month entitled Spending led me to read a book called Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping by Judith Levine.  However for some of the other months, I cannot remember guidelines Jen sets and follows.

So, because I love to do weird things, I am going to conduct my own social experiment.  It is totally self-serving, mind you.  For me, the wide assortment of things there are to eat is just way too big.   I am not narrowing my food choices down to a few single items.  My categories are much broader.  But they are designed to make me toe a line that I might not otherwise toe without it.

So the experiment begins Monday with the following TEN food items:

  1. any 100% raw salad ingredients
  2. any 100% raw smoothie ingredients
  3. PB 2 powder
  4. bagels
  5. non dairy, sugar free yogurt
  6. Aldi Supergrain products
  7. cooked fresh veggies
  8. coffee….the only beverage besides water
  9. breakfast cereal, no added sugar, with plant milk
  10. no sugar added salad dressing

These are, by the way, so very yummy!!csm_122816_48269_OrganicIntercontinentalSuperGrains_D_e8d5ca7d89

One additional thing I am going to do starting Monday is write down every morsel I eat.  The first month was just way too chaotic.  I need things to be much more predictable. I also need to convince myself that I can get back on track and head toward success once again. Until I see food written down on a page I may never come face to face with what I eat when I am in my bingeing phase. Only sincere prayer is gonna make me honest in that food journal, tho, so I have to get strength from the Holy Spirit that I know have deep down inside, ready for my access.

So, weigh in for the DietBet is Monday. I am actually super excited to start the month! I should be concerned about Monday’s weigh in, hahaha. It has not been the best week. But I truly am looking for beauty from the ashes this week. Not beauty in the form of a lower number on the scale, but the beauty of more wholehearted obedience.




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