The Stack, plus more

I stacked up all the books that I keep dragging off my shelves and laying on my desk.  I need a bigger desk.  I guess what I really need to do is get a greater level of organization going.

There are books here in my stack that I have read so many times, you’d think I could be done?  But there is comfort in coming back to them over and over.

I have started reading one for the first time, because I was drawn to it by a word in the title: Satisfy My Thirsty Soul by Linda Dillow.  The fact that it comes with a journal makes me happy.  I have been so drawn to the word satisfy this month, and I am realizing that the average person perceives it so differently from its actual meaning.  What does it feel like to be satisfied to your core? Webster’s says to be satisfied means to fulfill the needs, demands, desires and expectations of; give full contentment to.  When I read the definition, I can only perceive Christ as that ‘satisfier’ because what else could come close to accomplishing that definition?  But people claim satisfaction in so many silly things, right?

Lots of people claim that food addicts find satisfaction in food.  But in all honesty I do not overeat because I am seeking satisfaction that food can give?  I don’t know why I overeat, and I often feel that if I can answer that question…why do I overeat…it might be helpful.  But food has no hope of bringing me full and lasting contentment.  At best it brings a satiety for 20 minutes or so.

Satisfy my Thirsty Soul is actually a 12 session Bible Study on worship. Because what else should satisfy our very core, our soul, except worship of our creator!!  Learning to make every minute of life an act of worship – now that would truly satisfy me.  So I am reading.  I try to have only one new read going at a time, but the number of rereads that I have open at any one minute is mind-boggling, even to me.

Addictions-a Banquet in the Grave (Edward Welch) is written mostly about drug and alcohol addiction, but it is super easy to read and think food.

Getting to No (Erwin Lutzer) is all about learning how to break a stubborn habit and I get it out (e-book) so often and remind myself of what I need to have front and center.

I find it near impossible to stop browsing through Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction (Asheritah Ciuciu).  I am reading it for the third time because it has a cutsy journal to go with it now.  And for me, writing gets facts into my head better. As I look through this book again, there is hardly any sentence not underlined or highlighted or commented on.  That is how I read books.

I have to confess: my Bible is a wreck.  In a good way, but a wreck.  I have had the same main Bible for close to 30 years.  I do have others, but my fav is certainly the duct tape covered one that is falling apart. Notes, multi-colored highlights, underlines, taped in quotes.  It is personalized, at the very least!

Made to Crave (Lysa Terkeurst) is a standard read for anyone who craves anything but Jesus.  There is a book, a study guide and a 60 day devotional.  Immerse yourself!

Breaking the Stronghold of Food (Michael and Nancy Brown) is the second unread book in my stack.

I just checked a Caroline Leaf book out of the library, as well as John Eldredge’s book, Moving Mountains on prayer.

Lest you think I read too much that isn’t the Bible, my hard and fast rule is that nothing gets read during the day until after time in God’s word; plus non-fictions have to be grounded there.  I do not want advice that doesn’t square with scripture.  There is enough confusing on my little corner of the world.

I used to read some devotional books in the morning, My Utmost for His Highest (Chambers) and New Morning Mercies (Tripp), both of which are fabulous.  I go through them both year after year,  But in this effort to Reclaim the Temple in 2018, I knew I needed to focus singularly on obedience and my food fixation.  I am rereading these:

books 2

Short reminders each morning before I put on my armor  as to exactly why and how I am to fight for the day.  I still pick up the tried and true ones when time permits, but the singular focus on overcoming is best for me right now.

skinny friends

Last but not least is the one and only recent addition that a friend handed me the other day.  She is not naturally skinny, so I took no offense.  It looks interesting and is set up like a devotional with short nuggets, so I will probably add this on as a devotional.  It is a cute little book, but I may have an issue with the picture on the front?  While my cravings have mostly subsided due to absolutely no sugar, I would rather not push myself.  Maybe a cover would help!


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