Weekly Weigh In, Round Three

Weigh in #3Let me just start off by saying, “I could not have taken a picture that was less pleasing to the eyes???”  Move the plunger.  In fact move the scale somewhere else entirely.  Please.

So next time I will have in mind the aesthetics of the picture, for sure.  So sorry.

But, 2 pounds down for a total of 9 shed pounds in 2018 so far.

The scale was haunting me in a weird way this week.  First, I totally forgot on Monday to weigh in until after I had had breakfast and coffee.  So I put it off until this morning.  But for a period of time yesterday evening and this morning, I was wondering if maybe I should wait until next week, in order not to get dependent on the scale numbers?

But this morning I felt the clear sense of a verse: 2 Timothy 1:7:  For God does not give us a spirit of fearfulness, but of love and power and self-control. I had this sense that a spirit of fear was behind my willingness to simply forgot the weigh in this week.  And since God is not the author of fear, it was Satan messing with me.

I jumped on the scale, and since I had already had my morning coffee, I decided to balance that with finally shedding pjs.  And funny enough, afterwards I weighed the pjs and saw that they didn’t weigh enough to move the scale.  So I felt like it was a good compromise.

As part of my morning devotion time with Jesus, I am reading Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss (for the third time) by Kara Davis.  It is such an encouraging 50 day read. Each day has a Biblical truth related to obeying God through our eating. Today, Kara spoke of the necessity of realizing the power of the Holy Spirit to help in this struggle with eating.  She gave three issues for the possible lack of Spirit Power in your day to day life.

The first was humility.  Thinking we could do it on our own.  Philippians 4:13 reminds us that we can do all things….and lots of us stop the verse there.  It is all about the things I can do.  She suggests taking the two clauses of the verse and switching them around so it says, “Through Christ who strengthens me, I can do all things.” This was a nice WOW moment for me.  I was quoting that reversed verse all day to myself. I have also been questioning the lack of humility in my daily life.  Am I totally dependent on His power and not any of my own??

Second she asked readers to watch for a lack of vigilance. Satan is out to annihilate those who are secure in Jesus.  He cannot keep us from our eternal destination, but he can render us totally ineffective here on earth.  Then she drove the nail into the coffin by saying that a common way Satan infects believers who are given to gluttonous behavior is to convince them it is a joking matter.  If you are going to the buffet for the second time, make a joke about it.  If you stress eat, joke around about how stress overwhelms you and pushes you toward your comfort food.  Name your comfort food and build it up to be sweeter than Jesus.

Recently at a friend’s funeral, I experienced this very thing.  At a table of attendees, at lest half of them made jokes about going to the dessert table, even though they really shouldn’t.

And just an hour ago I listened to a sermon online that had the same scenario.  The speaker was lamenting all the things that cause him to fall into gluttonous behavior, and making greater light of it than it deserved.

The third issue that might keep the Spirit from manifesting in your life would be lack of obedience, plain and simple.  What the Word says is what it means, and when we twist it to allow our overeating, the Spirit grows silent.

These three bullet points have stayed with me all day, so that I could really think them through.  I am sure, to some degree, I am guilty of all three: lack of humility, lack of vigilance and lack of obedience.  New goals before me now.  Watch these three areas as they relate to eating.



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