Weigh In Monday, Round 2

IMG_7678I had some trepidation about weigh in this morning, but I did OK.  I knew that my obedience could have been better, however, so I will strive to tighten that up this week.

My biggest issue always lies with WHAT DO I EAT??  If I get too hungry my control is at its lowest, so I desire to keep myself full on fruits and veggies. I try to pack for work in order to be prepared, but even then my best laid plans can go awry if Satan decides to insert himself.

Trying to remember the habit of opening my Bible when I am not where I need to be in my brain.  You know, new habits are a bear to establish.  But I am gonna keep practicing the discipline of self-forgetfulness, as my friend Renee says. Moving aside so God can do His work in and through me. I think that is the hardest thing a believer has to do. It is just against everything culture tells us and for me, nearly impossible to stay focused on.




That is what I have to focus on.  Eating in the proper manner, no matter what I am eating.  A ______________ is OK as long as I am not mindlessly bingeing on it.  If I am, whatever that food is has tossed God off His throne in my soul.

For me that blank cannot be anything sugary.  I know that sugar sets off every craving known to man in my head.  So I just have to avoid sugar entirely. And that’s OK, because it is just flat out not good for anyone.

Until we meet again, may God surround you in your little corner of the world…


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