Sundays and Snow

It is hard to decide which is my favorite:  Sundays or Snow. Both are right up there, neck-and-neck, but because snow happens so seasonally and sometimes infrequently, it might have a slight edge over Sundays.

Today was a Sunday of snow, albeit old snow from Friday night, but snow!  if I could make one change it would be the temperature.  After two odd days in the 50’s it is back to the teens again.  That is just bitter.  But I stay inside and look out at the beautiful whiteness.

Tomorrow is weigh in day, and I must admit to some fear.  It was not the easy week that the previous week had been.  There was definite tribulation on many fronts all week long.  I tried to remain calm and thoughtful as situations impacted me on the food front, so tomorrow will tell one side of that story: weight gained or lost; or maybe a “holding steady”.

Because I sense the Lord’s permission to make this year all about the Reclaim the Temple Project, I have allowed myself to have a very narrow focus on my world.  I am reading devotionals in the morning that point me to Christ in the arena of eating and food; I am doing Bible studies that do that same thing.  Here is what I have open right now. and yes, I know, I have a super annoying habit of reading multiple books at the same time.

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These four are in varying stages of “doneness” but when some are done, I have a long list of what is coming behind. For me to focus my mind on the project ahead, I must constantly fill up with the word of God and Christ centered books.   I use the library, both at home and church, but if a book is impactful, I need to own a copy, write in it and make it personal. I tend to scour thrift stores and used book stores and eBay when I need to purchase a title.

I do not tend to read fiction.  If I do it is in the summer when work is a bit lazier and time is a bit slower.

I have started a list of book to read in 2018 that could scare you with its voluminous appearance, and some of them will be postponed until after the Reclaim the Temple Project, but unless I am reading I am not happy.

Today I took part in a random list of questions friends were asking.  The questions were out of the ordinary and required thought.  The best part was that I learned quite a bit about those around me by listening to their answers.  How about this one:

What is the most abundant item in your house?  Some said dust.  Some said potted plants.  Some said pens.  There is a chance I should have also said pens, but I did not.


I answered ‘printed material.’ It isn’t just books, but it is paper stuff in a larger sense.  Blank journals to fill.  Devotional material I print off the internet.  There is something about paper’s necessity for transporting the information to my brain.  Really!  Sermon notes.  Podcast notes.  Bible study notes.  Journal upon journal upon journal.  And my family has strict orders to burn them all if I die!  Hahaha.

Here is another one:  If you could edit the Bible and leave out one verse or attached set of verses, what would they be? Wow, so many answers to this one, ranging from the entire Sermon on the Mount because every word is convicting, to eliminating hunks of old testament laws that cause so much confusion today (should I follow or should I not…like the dietary laws).  I am honestly still pondering what verse of the Bible is the hardest for me to abide by.  My guess is that it would be a verse that convicts me of my need for deeper love…something in I John most likely.  I have such a hard time there.  I always land on grace after I run the gamut of anger and unbelief and other ugly things.

Have a peaceful Sunday evening.  Stay warm.  Spend time with Jesus and a cup of tea or coffee.  Yes, I am the coffee drinker who continues on until bedtime.

More tomorrow and a scale pic.


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