Oh my goodness.  I have been trying to get to this post for 36 hours.  I have been in the catch-up mode on 4 different projects, not getting to anything new, but only to things left behind undone.

Great first week.  Ended 4.8 pounds lighter than I began.  I weighed in with the same pajamas and sox.  I knew that it had been a good week.  Now, I can equally tell that this week is a struggle.  So I have decided to do a Master Cleanse for Wednesday through Friday, possibly longer.  I love doing the cleanse.  I love the way it makes me feel. In the morning I will mix up a day’s worth of liquid and decide each night about the next day.

The last few days have been hard for making decisionsscale #2 about food.  But I tried my best.  I definitely never had instances where I felt like I ate too much.  I am learning to eat less and find full for sure.  I read the book Full by Asheritah Ciuciu, and I think I might read it again because she talks a lot about finding that fullness in Jesus not food.  She put together a journal to fill alongside the book; reading it again would allow me to do that also.

I am the queen of starting multiple books all at one time.  Like right now, I have three books going.  I just need to buckle down and finish them all. But reading is the thing that always falls by the wayside.  I wish I knew why in the moment I push reading so easily to the back burner.  Definitely a major flaw I need to fix.  My heart wants to read books almost more than anything else, but my mind derails that a lot.  It circles around to that mind thing a lot.  I need to control it so much better.  My daily prayer is for the renewing of my mind on a greater and greater level.

I have been impressed lately with the words of the Lord’s Prayer.  These are the words we need to wrap our prayers around each day.  We need to focus our mind on making much of God, on asking Him to provide what we need for that day, on seeking  forgiveness and forgiving. We need to remember that blessings are only blessings if we took the time to pray for them beforehand.  God’s grace comes in the form of answered prayers, but if we never prayed according to the platform He gave us, we negate so much.  So my attempts are to focus on praying as Jesus taught us to pray. The results of that focus can only be blessings and grace.



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