This and That


Yesterday was a celebratory day, and for the first time I had to make decisions eating out.  Twice in one day.  The day was glorious and stood in such brilliance as a testament to God’s goodness.  Now, I will be the first person to say that God is good, even when what we had wanted/expected did not come to pass.  Because His ways are higher and better and more sure. But yesterday His goodness was toward me and Little Lovely in a affirmative way that brought such earthly blessings.

I have been inwardly in a bit of turmoil because Little Lovely has been driving a car with no heat for a couple weeks and the temps have been in the single digits.  The heat slowly stopped working over the month of December, as the temperatures slowly dropped to way below acceptable! She drives a super old car which was a perfect gift to her at the time it came.  But after driving what was already an old car for a couple years, its oldness has seemed super accentuated in the last weeks.  Because she has to drive that car back to college, where it is equally as cold, in just a couple days.

But God.

He orchestrated some circumstances in such a way that no one but God could have been in charge.  He changed hearts and minds and attitudes and words, and put in our path a perfect car for her to take back to college  and use the rest of her years there.  And maybe beyond that.

N's car

I determined to be as compliant as I could be during the times yesterday that we were eating out and not really able to control entirely where or what.  But I avoided meat and almost all cheese, and made choices to avoid fried stuff…switched out French fries at lunch.  While the day was not ideal, it was so much better than it usually is.

Plus, 6 days without sugar.  Monday starts the Forty Day Sugar Fast that I joined.  It is run by Wendy Speake ( and is so much deeper than just an avoidance of sugar.  It is a forty day spiritual journey

sugar fast graphic

I feel like I am a week ahead in part of the journey.  My sugar detox headache is gone, I think.  I am no longer craving it, and that could be as much as God thing as an actual physical thing.  I need to restate the rules I want to follow, as some of them have been difficult with Little Lovely home, but Tuesday will be the hard crack down:


1. Eat food at or from home.
2. Follow a plant-based diet. On the RARE occasion when it is
impossible to stay clear of animal products-never MEAT; eggs or dairy at the most. This can happen 12 times in 2018. Period.
3. Eat as raw as possible and include daily juice.
4. Eat between 930 and 530. The window can start and stop at slightly different times on occasion, but always 8 hours. This includes coffee.
5. One mug of coffee daily.
7. Avoid gluten whenever possible.
8. Keep track of calories, not necessarily to have a maximum calorie line, but to have a reference. For now.
9. Drink a half gallon of water a day. Sweet drops allowed.
10. If/when I blow it, IMMEDIATELY get back on the right eating train.

I do believe that I am going to start a Master Cleanse once I am by myself.  I just need to determine the length.  Maybe a couple days a week?  Maybe longer and once a month?  Still trying to determine that.





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