Its All About the Mind…


But You, O Lord, are a shield around me, my glory and the One who lifts my head high.  Psalm 3:3

In the last four days I have experienced this verse to a great degree.  The Lord has been shielding me from so much…cravings, situations that cause overeating, anxiety that pushes me toward food…and He has also been giving me ample opportunity to lift my head because I have been capable through Him of right choices and decisions.  He has been truly my glory, responsible for all the victories I have accomplished so far this week.

The first three days of the year were quiet and on the peaceful side, with many opportunities to relax.  I always appreciate when that happens, as usually my job is a bit crazy, and I get home in the afternoons very sore and worn out.

But the Lord deemed me ready for a little time of trial today, and I made good choices and came through it obediently.  I met a friend for coffee and lunch.  I ordered wisely, choosing vegan and no sugar, and then, actually discovered that half way through my food I was not really hungry anymore.  I packed up the leftovers for later. Honestly, I cannot remember ever doing that.  I am singing praises to Jesus.

But the thoughts in my head right now are running like this:  why can I sometimes find obedience and sense the Spirit working in and through me, and sometimes not?  I know that I have to determine to obey in order to be in a right standing with God, but sometimes I feel like I have done that and I still sense nothing.  I am not sure I know how this whole thing works?  I just know that I am going to do everything I can to allow it to continue.

“Set your mind…” (Col 3:2)

I think that might be the secret.

“Think about such things…” (Phil 4:8)

Another part of the secret?

…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

This too.

It is all about the mind, folks, all about the mind.  Mine tends to wander and get itself into trouble, so I have determined to keep it preoccupied in an effort to obey the verse snippets above and to prevent its ramblings.  That means much less Netflix watching, much less Candy Crush playing and more time in God’s word.

I feel like part of my resolve is off to a soft start until Little Lovely heads back to college in a few days.  She enjoys dinners together and Netflix watching. Once she is safely tucked back at school, I will have a bit of a crack down.  I am eating lots of greens, eating vegan, mostly raw, not too much.

For the Minimalist Game, I have discarded one box of old Christmas stuff on January 1; 2 bags of food storage containers from the kitchen on 1/2; 3 books on 1/3; and today 4 shirts from my closet went in the thrift store box in the trunk of my car.  In actuality, I have shed over 35 things, but because I want to get rid of larger counts and be done faster, I am counting groups as one.  I remember when I played the first time, but the end I was counting individual office supplies (pencils, paperclips, etc) to try to get thirty and thirty one things.

Enjoying snow but not the temps here in Western PA.  Tonight dips below zero.  Most things are cancelled tonight and also tomorrow.  According to my trusty weather app it is colder here than in Barrow, Alaska!!



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