Tiny Victories


A couple things have happened in the last day that I want to document as definite victories. First, yesterday was an entire day of eating properly. No bingeing, no animal products, mostly raw, but behind all that I knew without a doubt that God was strengthening me for the task ahead. He has answered all my prayers for help and power. Now I just need to stay out of the way.


Today I had juice for the first time in a long time. Carrot. And oh my goodness was it refreshing. I have missed juicing! I had just a small amount, maybe 12 ounces. That is really all your cells can absorb at one time. About 30 minutes later I had a 4 cup green smoothie, containing more berries from yesterday morning! I had a large salad later. But then another victory, almost hidden. But I think the Lord made sure I noticed!

Eating toast for me is usually an invitation to overeat. I make four pieces of toasted bread, and I usually slather them with butter or Earth Balance, followed by equally not-good-for-me toppings. But tonight, I had no urges to binge and simply made two pieces with only a small amount of almond butter on each.

I need to drink a greater amount of water. I am thinking about it a lot, which means I am better than I was! But not nearly where I should be. I use Sweet Drops in my water so it is actually good, but I guess I am never really thirsty? Thirst never drives me to the water? I wonder how that is supposed to work? Do people who drink lots of water actually get thirsty during the day and drink as a result of that? Or do they simply train themselves to drink despite no thirst?



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