Happy New Year


Today I posted this on Instagram in a calligraphy group I follow.  Look at me:  I practiced my lettering and set a statement in stone for 2018.  I have more than 85 pounds to lose, but in 2018, if I follow my short term 12 week goals, I will end 2018 85 pounds light and continue more of the same next year.

I made a smoothie bowl for breakfast this morning that was soooo yummy.  I had never created a bowl before.  Lots of smoothies, but not the bowl.  I made the smoothie thicker than normal with frozen bananas, added it to a bowl and topped it with berries, sunflower seeds and coconut flakes (no sugar).


I added two huge handfuls of spinach to water, Phood meal shake powder, maca powder, seed/grain assortment and frozen bananas.


No sugar today.



And last but not least, the first scale picture.  I realize I am wearing my sox and jammies still, but it was just too cold to take them off!


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