Happy New Year’s Eve

I love the concept of a 365 page book.  Tomorrow I am going to crack the spine of this new tome and begin 2018.

Today I have resisted so many urges to eat everything that I will no longer eat in 2018.  When you struggle with food addictions, it takes every bit of God’s power to keep me here at home and not in the car looking for that last sweet treat before midnight.

I have prepared and organized and prayed and thought and mentally planned as much as I think I am able.  Yesterday, I was faced with the first totally negative reaction to this determination I am trying so hard to make mine.

“You know you have tried this before and it never works.”

It was like a knife to the heart.  But I know that the only way to prove myself to anyone who has been around me is to do it.  I have tried this before.  But the last time I was this serious and prepared, I was successful.  That was like 30 plus years ago.  Sad, I know.  The reason I have a greater confidence this time is not because of me in any way, but purely because I am trusting God to make me able.  I am trusting Him to prepare a platform at the end of 2018 which will allow me to proclaim His glory for great things He has done in and through me.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve.  Mine is spent here at home.  It is snowy and cold outside and warm and peaceful inside.  Winter, being my favorite season, gives me such a sense of quiet.  I love that!


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