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It seems time to get everything all listed out in one place.  I am beginning to wonder if I have too many things to consider, but when I put them in writing, I can so clearly see how there is one over-arching desire in the midst of so many rabbit trails.  But I do think that if anything here is not what God desires me to pursue, He will make that clear. And I have to be set to listen and obey.

This is where the rub exists for me…the obeying, to start with.  And now the hearing.  Because when we go too long without obeying what we hear, it becomes next to impossible to hear anymore.  I am so glad that God is so lovingly pursuant of me.

So the over-arching umbrella for 2018 is the Lordship and Glory of Christ.  In whatever I do, this will be my main goal.  I know I will have the tendency to drift from this and make weight loss my goal, but I pray that I can notice it right off the bat and correct the course.

Falling under the MAKING MUCH OF JESUS umbrella comes the following subcategories, in no particular order. One is not even a year long project, but simply a month long.

All endeavors will be on a short 12 week long goal basis. The 12 weeks will start over 4 times, with the final one being not just 12 weeks but until the end of the year.

In my utter desire to be organized (or simply silly) I have purchased an inexpensive plastic bin and labelled it 2018, because my goal is to do this same type of thing over and over, eventually using all the details, failures, blessings and successes in some way to bring even greater glory to Jesus.

  1.  Weight Loss.  This is where the most effort will be poured in 2018.  God has clearly shown me that everything about my eating is gluttonous and has to be brought under His divine authority.  I am trusting that when God commands something of us, He will see us through to the end. As I said in an early post, I will be eating as raw as possible, vegan for sure, not counting calories at least at the beginning and weighing weekly.  My first 12 week goal, from January 1 to March 26 is to rid myself of 20 pounds.
  2. Finances.  I desire to be a better steward of the money that the Lord has allowed me to have.  So I want to follow a budget in a tighter way.  I realistically printed out January’s budget, and I will start writing in my daily planner money spent.  Each Saturday I will tally those numbers and adjust the budget categories to reflect what is left for the rest of the month. I will not touch the money made at my part time job, which isn’t a lot, but I need to start saving it.  That, plus $200 from the main budget (which I plan to grab out of my grocery budget).  I cannot put a dollar value on it, because the money made at my part time job changes every week.
  3. Minimalist Game. I participate in this every year for the month of January.  At the start of each year, I always need to lighten the load!  I actually am not even sure how this happens, but it does.  So for the month of January, I will discard (or take to the thrift store) the number of items that coincides with the date.  So on January 1, one item; January 2, two items; onward to 31 items on January 31. I may not make it to the 31st, because I may not have 496 items this time around.  But I will document that as the month moves along.
  4. Read through the Bible.  I have not read cover to cover in a couple years, so as a way of being in the word more, I will read it in its entirety in 2018.
  5. Memory Work. I have discovered that I really love committing God’s word to memory.  So far, I have memorized The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 6 and 7), the book of Titus and the book of James.  I recite everything  I have learned over the course of a week to keep it in my sieve-like brain. I have recently started 1, 2 and 3 John…and how cool is this: my church’s new sermon series in 2018 will be those books!! I am not sure where I will go after those three books, but I will pick something when it gets closer.  I am also not sure I can memorize those three books in 12 weeks, but I am going to make that a short-term goal. Memorize 1, 2, 3 John by March 26.
  6. This is a new one that came across my plate today.  I am gonna try to eat greens at every meal.  In my breakfast smoothie, a salad at lunch and again at dinner??  Not sure if I can make it work, but if I set it as my goal, I have a better chance of succeeding. I honestly have no idea how much is a good amount per meal, but I am just gonna start and do my best.
  7. Fasting. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that I believe I should be participating in.  I have bantered around so many options.  I started out with Intermittent Fasting that so many people say is good for your health.  I may gravitate toward this, but it is not spiritual fasting.  I am considering a Sabbath Rest each week that is also a day of fasting.  Sunday seems like the best option since it is a day I can usually count on not to work.  It may end up being Friday at 5pm to Saturday at 5pm? That is another option I have thought about.  For the first 12 weeks it will occur in one of those two weekly time slots

So, it is good to write all that down.  It feels calming for me to get it from my brain to a concrete place. It feels doable.

For the next few days, 3 to be exact, I plan to do projects each day to get more organized and more prepared.

I want my art to flourish in 2018 also.  I hope to do a lettering/art project everyday. I plan to enter something daily in a journal Bible based on what I am reading that day, what I am lettering that day, what I am feeling, how I am doing.  I see myself staying home more (spending less, “arting” more) and I love that idea!!


Love this Jerry B Jenkins quote.  It very much fits with my theme for 2018!

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