Set Your Mind


I started a new book today called Breaking the Stronghold of Food by Michael and Nancy Brown.  I was stopped cold by this:

Isn’t the power  of the Spirit greater than the power of doughnuts?                                  Isn’t the life of Jesus inside of you-the life of the resurrected Son of                                  God-greater than any food addiction?  When God says you are an                                    overcomer in Him, yes, even more than a conqueror, doesn’t that                                    include victory over potato chips?

How true is this? But how often do I not believe this in my soul or even in my bead?  When I give food, or any other created thing, the power that should belong to Jesus, what does that say about me?

Three steps: make the change; renew your mind; reprogram your habits. I feel like I have determined to make the change.  January 1st, to be precise.  I have been renewing my mind for a long time now, but maybe not as focused as in the recent months.  but, “reprogramming the habits.” I have a feeling this is where HARD is gonna rise up and run me over.   It is what I have to be ready for.

So here is the question I am currently pondering: what stops me from making radical changes in my eating habits? Why do I keep resorting back to the bad habits, the wrong choices? I blame it on addictive tendencies,  or I say “maybe it isn’t really sinful”, but I know it is. Sometimes I think I am just too busy to prepare nutritious meals.  But, in my current life station, it would be hard to be less busy.  And I like that!  I definitely have time to prepare nutritious meals.

So I have these two scripture verses in my head that I hold up against each other. They stand in opposition to each other and they represent heart attitudes.  I currently feel like an Ecclesiastes 6:7 kind of girl:

ALL man’s efforts are for his mouth, yet his appetite is never satisfied.

But where I really want to land is here:

You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of                                          the Lord your God , who has dealt wondrously with you; and my people                        shall never be put to shame. Joel 2:26

The second verse puts forth an attitude of gratitude and a realization of the giver, who gives perfect gifts. God created wondrous food to be eaten, not worshiped.  And in all reality, I honestly do not have foods that I think are beyond amazing.  Really, whatever it is , it is gone right after you encounter it and soon forgotten?? This is where my thinking needs to be.  But in the moment it is never there. I could justify eating just about anything anytime anywhere.

That is the mind set that needs to be renewed!!

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